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More than 60 agencies have preferred us to:

    Reduce administrative workload.
    Reduce fixed costs.
    Speed up the coordinating and delivery process.
    Increase productivity.
    Increase business profitability.

MULTINATIONAL We have more than 500 active professionals around the world

You have enough "translators and editors"
Let Primatus take a load off your back.

About Us

Primatus was born in 1997 in San Diego California as a participating company within the language industry in the United States.
Today our experience and professionalism places us as a global company with an active role among all participating agents within the industry.



Our mission is focused on the constant search of committed and competent collaborators, and of new technologies, with the sole objective that our services be perceived as creative, integral and professional solutions that benefit our clients.


Our search is to become a global benchmark within the industry and establish our “Primatus Seal” as an indicator of reliability.

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795 Folsom Ave, Suite 600
San Diego, CA 94107

Telephone:+1 619.284.3696

FAX:+1 619.393.0505